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Functional Threefoldness in the Human Organism and Human Society
After decades of meditating on the human organism leading up to his major work Functional Morphology, renowned anatomist Johannes Rohen applies his functional approach to the study of social life. The result is a holistic yet highly differentiated view of human society as a dynamic organism. Contents Foreword to the English edition Introduction The Threefold Organization of Life-Processes in the Human Organism The Structure of the Social Organism The Governmental and Legal System The Structure of the Cultural-Educational System The Structure of the Economic System Threefold Functional Organization in the Social and the Human Organism – a Comparison The Legal-Political Sphere in relation to the Rhythmic System Blood Circulation and the Nature of Money Aberrations Outline of a Social Order based upon Three Independent Systems, Organized According to their Inherent Functions What Can We Do? Summary Bibliography

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